Taking On the Grand Canyon

One might assume the sun kissed traveler traversing, or even descriable as bounding, along the Gran Canyon’s East Rim Trail, is an athletic outdoor loving, granola bingeing, Enya listening, hippe out to become one with nature.

I certainly have an adoration for nature’s beauty, and sure, I do love Enya.


This was a moment of pure peace. Some might say bliss. Letting the sun soak over my weary mind and body.

But the reality is, I am hungover from a sultry combination of red wine, dry vodka martinis, and extra hoppy IPA. All delightfully consumed the night before my big hike. Why? Because I am well rounded.

I enjoy a good indulgent spell just like I love pushing myself to get that extra mile, extra squat, extra destination’s attraction, extra moment of sunlight in.

Travelling isn’t for the weak of heart. You need to commit to getting the most out of it. Push yourself to every limit.

Cause why the fuck not?

This is actually safer than it looks, if you can imagine.

This is actually safer than it looks, if you can imagine.

You’ve spent buckoo dollars to get to your destination, the planning (for some, not for others) has been intensive—you know where you want to have your wagyu beef burger on the third night of your stay— You need to live it up.

Bed times be damned!

I made my base camp Flagstaff and drove into the park for my daily adventures. Why Flagstaff? The charming town offers excellent culinary options but MORE IMPORTANTLY, I can’t turn down an option to drink in a purportedly haunted hotel bar.


The Hotel Monte Vista, where they serve you some of Flagstaff’s best dry martinis with a smile, witty conversation, and possibly a hint of a haunting….

The Grand Canyon National Park offers you many hiking options, whether you are looking for a full day, half day, or just a moderate walk to enjoy the scenery. Or heck, even just have a seat on a park bench for an hour to enjoy the expansive views.