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1973 Mini - DRIVE >



From small town, to big city, and across the great pond, I have been so fortunate to visit and absorb some of the world’s top car museums. So many of the museum curators, employees, and mechanics have welcomed me with unending patience to my questions. And allowed me backstage glances of their collections.


Follow my writings for relevant car facts, knowledge, and trivia. From a beginnings of the Messerschmitt KR175, to the love affair behind the Rolls-Royce famous hood ornament, to the race history of one of the most beautiful cars ever produced, the Jaguar XK120. There is a wealth of auto knowledge to share!


Few things compare to the excitement of a world class car show or auction! The world’s finest, rarest, and most unique vehicles gathering in competition or auction. The thrill of the crowd as a Concours d’Elegance winner drives up the podium, ribbons streaming, confetti dancing in the air, and champagne flowing!

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