A cold wind stings my cheeks and specks of snow start departing from the sky, and fall onto this hot-blooded, sunshine addicted, and summer lovin’ Texan. Not today, Winter! Not the freeze, the cold, the snow, can change my mood!

I am off to a little piece of sunshine in Stuttgart Germany. I am heading to the Mercedes Benz Museum.

Why I greatly enjoyed the Mercedes Benz museum was that it not only offered the latest of the Mercedes super vehicles, but it also allowed visitors to see some of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler’s earlier inventions.

My first customer was a lunatic. My second had a death wish.
— Karlz Benz

Give yourself three hours at the very least to absorb this museum. It’s a wonderfully designed building that winds you floor to floor through Mercedes historical past, innovative present, and groundbreaking future. It gives you a path through the Mercedes Benz’s ‘Seven Legends’ aka floors of historical innovations in engineering and design.

It is said, and evident in their different creations, that Daimler had a thirst for all inventions to aid mankind but Benz had a clear focus on manufacturing automobiles. On display they have Daimler’s Grandfather Clock which is considered the world's first small high-speed internal combustion engine to run on gasoline. The engine was given its nickname because it resembled a grandfather clock.


One of the most stylistic and notable cars of its time

Further through the gallery you will find the treasured jewel of Mercedes Benz. The most notable, recognizable, and famed of the Mercedes Benz models. In all it’s glory, in a display of perfectly aligned spotlights, you will find yourself entranced with the Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing. Showcased in their ‘Post-war Miracle – Form and Diversity’ area, the cars are magnificent sight and draw crowds of museum attendees. Shoving their way to get a better glimpse, a closer photo, a neater angle, of the prized automobile.


Take a walk through the Mercedes Benz past and Future

On the last floor of my journey, and one of my favorite areas, is the ‘Silver Arrows – Races & Records.’ An area showcasing the Mercedes Benz racing feats, legends, and wins. It’s a breathtaking design, with cars lined diagonally and sloped fashion towards the building’s massive concrete wall. Each sporadically “starting” their engines which allows the spectators to hear the sounds of the motor and further experience the display.

The best or nothing...
— Gottlieb Daimler

The ‘Silver Arrows – Races & Records’ display