Antelope Canyon


Wielding my rental car to Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and back to Nevada, tossing myself into the most beautiful scenery and landscape our nation has offer, I make an unexpected stop into Antelope Canyon. On a pristine Native American reservation, the canyon is well managed and maintained by people whose family has ventured this land for generations.

It’s an unreal sight, striations of red, yellow, and orange file up your periphery towards the small cracks of sunlight that slip through the canyon’s openings. It’s a step into a different climate zone too, from the hot and steamy exterior desert, through the entrance of Antelope Canyon, immediately engulfed by a soft coolness with a light breeze jumping from rock wall to rock wall.

Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon

I was eager to partake in this little journey, I considered the price a bit hefty at $30-$50 for an excursion with Antelope Canyon Tours BUT afterwards it was worthy of each penny. As usual I was travelling by myself, happily, and enjoying this expansive road trip that I was reaching the middle of. When it’s just you, solo, one, lone traveler you’ll often be met with opportunities and or put in different circumstances than your fellow group travelers. I was immediately designated to sit shot-gun with the guide. I was immediately happy about it when a young vibrant and modern Native American girl hopped into the beaten old truck, I smiled with a hello, and she emphatically replied “I got spicy pickle in my mouth!” For those of you for which that statement doesn’t make sense, it’s a favored snack of anyone born in the 1980s and up that can be purchased at any truck stop or corner store. I for one, am a big fan.

It was that point I knew that the 30-50ish bucks I paid was going to be worth it, because this was going to be unique ride. A combination of old and young, the contrast of a youth of today with the thousands of years old Antelope Canyon, and the unique perspective a Native American youth might have on the visitation of this land.  I was already enjoying the spunky charisma of my youthful guide.

Antelope Canyon

She was in her early 20s, married with kids, family had been a part of this land for years. She had her own cattle and was very proud of them. I enjoyed hearing her stories and being submerged in the thoughts of a young cattle owner and canyon guide. I stuck close to her, like longtime companions just because we shared the front cab of the truck and not the back outfitted into a human cattle transporter.

The adventure was approximately 1-1.5 hours, you will be walking in the sand and through narrow enclaves. If you have issues with small enclosures, this might not be the best for you. You will want to bring a substantial hat and douse yourself in SPF because when you aren’t in the cool cavern of the canyon, you are in the broiling hot desert sun. You will need to be OK with passing closely with strangers or waiting your turn as there are moments when Antelope Canyon can barely permit a hefty sized person through her passages.

There aren’t’ too many hotel accommodations near Antelope Canyon, I would suggest you use it as a day trip and or a stopping point while heading to a larger city, as I did. I was heading down from Bryce Canyon, Utah to Flagstaff, Arizona to use as a base camp for Grand Canyon day trips, and used Antelope Canyon as an awesome stop off journey during the long drive.

But be sure to create an adventure in these beautiful landscapes that will ensure you a trip to Antelope Canyon. To indulge in the rough beauty of the rock, the winding passage of the canyon, and colorful personalities of the souls who run and love it.

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