2019 Houston Lamborghini Festival

A true running of the bulls happened in the shopping mecca City Centre of Houston, Texas.

A wide assortment of expensive Italian metal showed up shining on a Sunday afternoon. From every paint scheme, custom wrap, and added feature, you could see it all at the Houston Lamborghini Festival.

I was keen to eye a few Countachs myself, however, I didn’t spot one. I believe I left before it showed up, so that was a mighty bummer. However, the Lambos were lined up endlessly along the cross streets and the central area of the shopping center for the packed annual Lamborghini Festival.

Diablo Lamborghini

Of course, I was eyeing a few Lamborghini Diablo’s clad in the expected spectacularly vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow. The Diablo model was run from 1990-2001 and with only 2,884 total produced.


This rainbow psychedelic Jackson Pollack-esque wrap around the Lamborghini Huracan was definitely a crowd favorite. The Huracan debuted at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. As usual, in the spirit of the Lamborghini tradition, it is named after a famous fighting bull. The Huracan shares the Gallardo engine, a naturally aspirated V10.


The whole pink and Louie V wrap isn’t for this tomboy, but undoubtedly I find the Aventador a sexy beast. The striking Aventador popped onto the scene at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and has clear lineage with the limited-edition Reventon.

Want to do the running of the bulls Texan style? Well, be sure to attend next year’s Houston Lamborghini Festival!