1979 Ferrari 308 GT4 / A DESIGN DEPARTURE

The history behind the bold design of the Ferrari 308GT4.

The first real departure from the curvy lines of Ferrari. This car was a bold attempt that paid off. When Ferrari decided to partner with Bertone carrozzeria to design the 308GT4 it caused quite a stir. For many years Ferrari had solely used Pininfarina as their coachbuilder. By making the switch to Bertone, it created quite a rift between the two companies Ferrari and Pininfarina.

Ferrari 308gt4

The 308GT4 also garnered a great deal of criticism because of its similar appearance in lines to the Lancia-Stratos. A car that was also designed by Bertone. There is no question that the 308GT4 design was a departure from its Ferrari predecessor the curvaceous 246GT.

There have only been two owners of this Ferrari 308GT4. It is the last 308GT4 that was manufactured for the states (#Ferrari 15448). Wouldn’t you like to be the third owner of this prancing pony? Register to bid for the Corpus Christi Old Car Museum auction with World Wide Auctioneers.

Ferrari 308GT4
Ferrari 308Gt4
Ferrari 308gt4